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Why Do Some Big Trucks Have Bristles Above Their Tires?

Why do some big trucks have bristles on top of their tires? This may sound like an ominous question, but it is actually not. rizonbayview These spikes aren’t meant to hurt cars, but they do scare drivers away from the truck’s blind spots. These spikes are usually made of plastic or aluminum, so they won’t damage the vehicle or hurt the driver.

These spikes serve a practical purpose as lug nut covers. login99bet They protect the lug nuts while also releasing debris from the tires. The shape of these spikes prevents the buildup of debris and other dangerous substances that could harm the rig’s occupants. Besides being practical, they also look cool. These trucks can be a great way to customize your truck.

These spikes aren’t meant to scare drivers; instead, they protect the lug nuts of 18-wheelers. Because of the weight of their tires, these lug nuts suffer much more wear than other vehicles. The metal spikes protect the lug nuts from dirt and moisture, and keep them from loosening. These spikes also protect lug nuts from slipping and breaking. Latest Website  naukri24pk

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