Why Do Girls Have Better Clothes Than Guys?

Girls have different reasons for wearing better clothing than boys. While some girls feel more confident when they look good, others dress just to fit Slbux in with other girls. Whether the reason is purely aesthetic or sexual, many young girls feel that standing out is a sign of social suicide. As such, some girls wear provocative styles under peer pressure. Others dress for the sake of self-expression or to impress a guy.

Color plays a vital psychological role in both genders. In addition to style and fit, color is more important for girls than for guys. A color like Platte is a good choice for almost any skin tone. Grooming is another element when trying to impress a girl. A rumpled shirt is sloppy. A crisp, ironed outfit has an air of cleanliness. This is something a woman must remember in order to be taken seriously by a girl justprintcard.

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