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What Size Tire Does a Fire Truck Have?

A fire truck has one type of tire on its cab and one type on its wheels, and both have different sizes of tires. The tires for a fire truck are commonly designated by their rim diameter, so a fire truck with an 18-inch rim will have a larger tire than one with a 22-inch rim. The tire size is also identified on the sidewall of the truck.

The tires of a fire truck must meet certain requirements. They must be at least 18 inches in diameter and have a four-tired axle. A four-tired axle may be fitted with super single tires that measure 19.5 inches in diameter and 18 inches in cross section. All tires must have their rated capacity on the sidewall and be at least equal to the axle weight. If a fire truck has a super single tire, it must meet these requirements.

Fire trucks have diesel engines to allow them to move, so they have the same top speeds as semi-trucks. Depending on the size of the vehicle, it can have anywhere from 260 to 600 horsepower. In addition to being powerful, fire trucks are built to be rugged and reliable workhorses. They are designed to be tough and withstand whatever they have to go through. The tires on a fire truck are a great example of this.

Besides being a safety issue, tires must also be properly maintained. If they’re older than seven years, they should be replaced as they may have cracks or dry rot underneath the tire. Additionally, a fire truck’s tires must match its axle and chassis Gross Weight Vehicle Ratings. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has outlined specific tires and wheel requirements for fire trucks. If these requirements are not met, it can lead to serious accidents.

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