What are the Common Causes of Wrongful Death in Rockford?

Wrongful death refers to a situation where an individual dies as a result of someone else’s negligence due to carelessness in handling dangerous goods or owing to the person’s health care that was not provided with all necessary care and concern. In many cases, wrongful deaths are classified as accidents but this could not be further from the truth. 

If you feel that your loved one’s death was not an accident, then you should consult a personal injury lawyer in Rockford and discuss the scope for filing a wrongful death claim. While these cases tend to be hard to prove, they are usually worth pursuing. 

We will now see the common causes of wrongful death in Rockford.

  • Car accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common reasons for wrongful death in Rockford. They constitute an average of 35% of wrongful death cases in the United States. You should obtain legal advice to know whether you can claim wrongful death following an accident. 

Car accidents are often caused by drunk drivers or people driving recklessly. What makes them worse is that they are usually avoidable. If the victim’s family can prove a clear-cut case of negligence, they could be awarded compensation.

  • Medical malpractice

Medical malpractice is a major cause of wrongful deaths in Rockford. Injuries from medical malpractice can ruin your life and those you love. These injuries usually put the victim through unbearable agony and suffering for days, weeks, or even months before death finally sets in. In these cases, you can claim compensation with the legal assistance of a personal injury lawyer for the medical malpractice that led to your loved ones’ death. 

  • Defective products

Defective products are also a common cause of wrongful death cases in Rockford. Most often these cases involve defective toys, footwear, and even electronics. These items can prove dangerous to an individual. They can also cause injuries that are difficult to diagnose if you have no prior medical history of the individual. A person can claim compensation if the defective product was negligently made and the negligence led to the death of their loved ones.

  • Premise liability

Premise liability refers to errors made by the landlord or property owner, such as allowing a tree to fall on an individual and cause wrongful death. The landlord or property owner is deemed responsible for the injury since they were in charge of managing the premises properly. If your loved one died in such an incident, you can then file a wrongful death claim.

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