Types of Women’s Fashion Styles

The three major categories of fashion are feminine, masculine, and tomboy. Women can follow whichever category they are most comfortable in. For example, a feminine style will feature pastel colors, lots of make-up, and blouses or skirts in floral patterns. A masculine style is more conservative and will not feature feminine pieces. Instead, this style will include masculine clothing such as lace-up boots and oversized blazers.

The e-girl aesthetic is associated with men’s clothing and no make-up. Most 13 to 14-year-old girls rebel against girly clothing, and instead wear graphic t-shirts, dark-colored layered clothing, combat boots, mom jeans, and tennis skirts. They refer to this look as “e-girl,” and it’s also associated with gothic fashion.

The natural style personality prefers simple, easy-to-wear pieces made of relaxed fabrics. This style tends toward suede, wool, silk, and linen, as well as autumnal hues. A natural style person is comfortable with a low-maintenance hairstyle and makeup routine. She also doesn’t worry about following any fashion trends. This is a good choice if you’re in the workplace or are a mom, or have an active lifestyle.

The romantic style personality emphasizes femininity and beauty. While comfort is important, this style prioritizes aesthetics over functional features. They are drawn to feminine pieces and tactile fabrics. Typically, they favor soft colors. An interesting mix of romantic and glam fashion is the Alice style. Alice uses soft pinks, taupes, floral prints, and brooches. Her style takes inspiration from nature. In this way, it combines comfort and style.

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