Spuul site also offers live TV channels in multiple languages

Besides offering Indian regional language content, Spuul also offers streaming and download content. Users can choose to watch content in English or their local language. The service is compatible with various devices. Here are some of the features that make it a standout among other streaming platforms. The service is available in multiple languages: Hindi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam. It is easy to navigate and offers a variety of content.

The interface of the app is similar to the current version. Users can choose between web and mobile apps. Alternatively, they can also watch movies with pay-per-view options. Founders Sudesh Iyer, former CEO of Sony Entertainment TV, and Subin Subaiah, former CEO of Amazon, founded the startup. The company is backed by Accellion, the company that founded buUuk. In addition to Spuul, the company offers premium subscription options.

Premium membership is another way to enjoy the content. The premium membership of the streaming video platform gives access to over 10,000 hours of content. Premium members can choose to watch movies on their computers, TVs, and phones – without commercials. You can also download videos or play them offline. Moreover, there are no ads or commercials on premium content, which is essential for those who prefer to watch their favorite movies on the go. So, why not enjoy the service and watch movies without the hassle of an internet connection?

The service provides free movies and TV shows in many languages. This way, users can choose the language they want to watch, and then pick up where they left off. The site also offers live TV channels in multiple languages. For those who want to watch Indian regional content, this is the perfect solution. If you don’t live in India, Spuul is available for streaming online. It also has a lot of Indian regional language content. Spuul also has a free trial version of the service.

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