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Solutions For Furniture With Sharp Edges

Many pieces of furniture have sharp edges that can be dangerous for children and adults. The edges of furniture can easily be shattered, cutting off circulation or causing serious injuries. If you’ve purchased such pieces of furniture, find a way to protect them from harm. One way to do this is to buy corner or edge protectors. These are great for hotels and schools where sharp edges of furniture are common.

One solution is to use foam pipe insulation. It’s a thin sheet of flint-hard plastic that can soften sharp furniture edges. You can find edging tape in 0.018-inch to 5mm thicknesses and 250-foot rolls. Apply it around the sharp edge with a putty knife, and sand it down until it’s smooth and flat factnewsph

Another effective way to fix sharp edges on wood furniture is to apply olive oil on the affected area. You can also use vinegar or a mixture of the two to treat the scratch. This will help to restore the wood’s original shine. If the furniture’s wood has been damaged by too much use, olive oil is a good solution. A mixture of olive oil and vinegar can also be applied to fix scratches on metal partyguise

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