Read These Basics of Uncontested Divorce Before Filing One!

An uncontested divorce typically means you and your partner agree to all the terms and conditions of the divorce and decide to split up. The terms and conditions can vary from couple to couple; however, there are some joint decisions that the two of you need to make—for example, the custody of your child, alimony, splitting of shared assets, etc. 

First, you and your partner can put all the conditions in front of each other and decide what will work best for you. People choose to go for an uncontested divorce because it saves time and money. 

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Basics of uncontested divorce

Once you decide on all the points of the agreement, you can move to the next step of filing for a divorce. The conditions that need to be fixed are:

  • Child custody and primary parenting responsibilities
  • Total amount and time required for child support 
  • Duration and amount of alimony
  • Distribution of all the assets
  • Distribution of the pending bills and debt

After discussing the terms and deciding the final condition, you can directly file court forms and a divorce settlement agreement. The settlement agreement will contain all the needs discussed between you and the distribution of financial assets and debts. 

What are the conditions of an uncontested divorce?

Once you file for the divorce, the judge will review and approve your settlement agreement. In most cases, the deal gets quickly approved unless it states an unfair distribution of assets. After the assigned time set by the state law ends, your divorce will be finalized. 

Although an uncontested divorce is more uncomplicated in most cases, it is not the same for everyone. An uncontested divorce can smoothly run if you do not have minor children or many assets. Moreover, it helps if the couple does not own any real estates properties such as houses or rentals. 

If you and your partner are financially independent or have the potential to become self-reliant, it will become easier to split up. Some states in America offer uncomplicated divorce policies; however, it is only provided in a few states and is strictly limited. In addition, most of these procedures have some necessary condition, one being that your marriage existed for at least five years for a brief period.

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