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Inside Review – A Dark Puzzle Game

Inside is a side-scrolling puzzle game that features a realistic 3D world. The atmosphere is dark and eerie, and there is little dialogue to distract you. The setting is depressing and grim, with industrial landscapes, flooded factories, and piles of corpses. The game also has some beautiful visuals, such as the spooky, gloomy music.

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The game is very difficult, and you will be rewarded with higher scores when you complete the game. The art style is minimalist and uncluttered, and the physics are incredibly detailed. The lighting, water behavior, and object collision are all very realistic. Players will explore a dystopian world while solving various environmental puzzles. The atmosphere is very creepy and the puzzles can be extremely diabolical.

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While Inside’s gameplay is unique, its presentation is a major draw. Its simple art style and minimalistic interface make the game a perfect fit for a solitary experience. You will not need tutorials, difficulty sliders, or online multiplayer. The main goal of Inside is to disturb and unsettle players with its dark, atmospheric environment. Furthermore, there is no punishment for dying, and you will automatically respawn near the site where you made the mistake. Moreover, there are no HUD elements or loading screens, which make it an excellent choice for gamers who want to experience the full immersion of the game.

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Playdead took six years to create the sequel to Limbo, but it was worth the wait. They could have spent those six years developing a solid gameplay hook. Instead, they focused on creating a dark, gloomy experience. Aside from being a great platformer, Inside is a great game for fans of indie games. The game is challenging, and it’s definitely worth the wait.

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