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How Much Does a Truck Tire Cost?

For your small or medium truck, you’ll likely need a medium or large tire. These tires are designed to work for daylight hours and are priced accordingly. Truck tires can be thousands of dollars, but if you want to maximize the mileage of your truck, you can purchase runflat tires. These tires may cost an additional $5 to $10 per mile. Truck tires are used only during daylight hours, but if you need to use them for other purposes, you may want to purchase a runflat tire.

To get the best possible price, you need to calculate all the costs involved in a tire’s life cycle. Some fleets only record the first life, meaning from new to the first reposition or recap. However, you can calculate the cost to four decimal places, giving you a precise figure. Moreover, you can calculate the cost to four decimal places – this is ideal if you want to avoid the surprise of large expenses later on.

The cost of a truck tire will vary depending on the style, brand, and size. A 20-inch tire for a large pickup truck will cost more than a fifteen-inch one for a small hatchback. Nonetheless, a truck tire is a significant expense and should only be replaced once every four years. A moderately-priced tire will cost you between $100 and $300. However, if you need to replace more than one tire, you’ll likely need to purchase a retread.

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