How do property transfers during divorce affect taxes?

The choices you make throughout a divorce may have long-term effects on you. This is especially important if you transfer high-value assets throughout your divorce because these transactions may affect your taxes. You can’t know which choices will preserve your finances, though, unless you examine your situation with a divorce lawyer and financial planner.

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The Transfer of Property During Divorce

When spouses and ex-spouses transfer property to one another under a divorcee agreement, they do not need to report gains or losses. In this way, the parties can effectively split the property without worrying about paying more taxes in the future.

In the first year following the divorce decree, any property transfers are presumed to have been influenced by the divorce decree. Within six years of a divorce decree, property transfers mentioned in the order may still be considered divorce-related.

When six years have passed, property transfers are no longer considered divorce-related.

An actual transfer of ownership

In some circumstances, it is preferable to treat a transfer as a genuine sale rather than a divorce-related transfer. The valuation is based on the property’s value, the recipient’s intent to keep the property, and any gains made from the property.

The tax implications of the transferred property

Even if you don’t require assistance with financial planning for the divorce, you might benefit from speaking with one while making arrangements for life after the divorce. Your tax payments and exemptions may need to change to reflect your new financial situation, depending on whether assets are transferred. For instance, when receiving a rental property as part of a divorce settlement, you must take into account the tax consequences of doing so. You’ll know how to handle your money wisely and take care of your new assets if you consult a financial planner early in the process.

Prenuptial Agreements and Property Transfers

When discussing a divorce, you must take all necessary precautions. Take into account the guidelines for tax-free transactions during divorce, as stated above. Only transfers that occur between one and six years after the divorce are considered divorce-related.

Even if the property is included in a prenuptial agreement, this may not always occur.

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