Why is the Hubble Space Telescope Important to Astronomy?

The Hubble Space Telescope has helped us understand our universe better and has led to many discoveries. The telescope has helped us understand the rate at which the universe is expanding, the existence of black holes in the center of galaxies, and more. In addition to these important discoveries, Hubble has also helped us understand the mysteries of dark matter. Despite the Hubble’s many successes, its launch was marred by a serious glitch. The spacecraft’s mirror was damaged during launch, hindering its ability to produce accurate images. In order to fix the problem, astronauts on the space shuttle Endeavour repaired the Hubble’s mirror and the mission went on.

The Hubble’s greatest discovery came from a surprise and was a collaboration between two groups of researchers from the Australian National University and the University of California, Berkeley. The researchers studied the core of the active galaxy M87 using Hubble. The Faint Object Spectrograph recorded light from five positions around the rapidly spinning disk at the core of the galaxy. The researchers also determined the velocity of the gas in the core of the star.

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The Hubble Space Telescope was launched into orbit in April 1990. In the meantime, it needed to be re-ground due to the problem with the original mirror. Because the telescope was in orbit, bringing it back to Earth was too expensive. So the Hubble’s team had to use new optical components, which had the same error as the original mirror. These new components corrected the spherical aberration, a phenomenon that causes light to focus on a different point than it should.Here you can get the latest news for online games gamblingheros that will be very beneficial for your online games. This casinospace site leading the world latest online news around the world for the beginners.

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